Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Grey Hair Is comingggggg

Last week i was in the bathroom scrutinizing my face when my dearie hubby popped out from behind and said..gosh "Your white hair is sticking out".  I was like aaaaaaaaaa....cabut cabut..he helped me to pluck and discovered more white bushes sticking out. Huhuhu...aaaaa...nightmarenya!  I told hubby perhaps its time for me to cover up.  Then he gave me one look and said "Ada pulak, thats not the right reason to cover up, betulkan niat!".  Tah kenapa i today i teringin nak browse gambar2 orang bertudung and i came across this place  I love the way they potray the models.  Modern and classy.  If i were to cover up, i wanna get something similar to this. They look trendykan :-)

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