Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photobook Dilemma

During the Kids Fair i had place a booking for this lovely photobook.  They had given out 25% which i think it was quite worth it.  Cost me about RM179, actual price RM238.  Good deal right!  Last night while blog skipping i came across another photobook website which cost cheaper and looked nicerrrrrrrrr...geramnya aku, cost cuma RM99!!! Now i'm in dilemma whether to let the deposit of RM30 or just proceed to pay another RM149 huhuhuh..stress..benci betul laa..I always said to myself, trust your instinct, i didnt want to take it earlier but since its just a RM30 why not kan...Serve me right, compulsive buying!!!
the one i already book, website look fun and intresting

the one i'm interested, which looks more pro!!!

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