Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Azman Ismail kata "Saya Gay Saya OK"

This guy has become from a nobody to a somebody just because of one video posted on you tube.  What makes big is because he's a muslim and he publically announced he's a GAY. I'm not going to comment whether its right or wrong to become a GAY and bla bla.... 

The only thing that put some vivid stars up on my head is WHY IS THAT when you are not a straight @ heterosexual person you need to come out and make a confession? If you believe what you are doing is not wrong then why do you need to confess??? Is it partly because the world doesnt accept you of who you are?  If thats the case, then you yourself doesnt believe it is right which ultimately makes you want to convince the rest of the earthling creatures that you're on the right track. 

My view-> what God has lay down for us is perfect.  He has created fingers for us to do zillion of things.  Thats just one example.  So if you find flaws in the way He presented things to you then you ought to find out why?  Unless you dont believe in god, thats a different story all together.  We are simply made out of what we decide we want to be.

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