Tuesday, January 25, 2011


As promise earlier, i'm updating about Nabila. We're tried the Aldara cream.  It works but slow.  Fucidin on the other hand was quite useless for me.  I was really anxious to see some result so beside the cream we tried few other traditional method since the dermatologist said it will take months or even up to 2 years for her to heal so why not?

My parents tried putting on kulit jering.  Jering also scientifically known as Pithecellobium Jiringu or Archidendron jiringa (Jack) I. C. Nielsen.  We tried for 2 weeks and it works but the molluscum still comes back.  But at least i got faster solution as compared to Aldara cream.  We grind the skin and mix with water.  It was later applied on the affected area.  

Somehow jering wasn't good enough for me.  I was worried as the molluscum is spreading up to her chin and cheek.  So i check other alternatives.  I went to Darul Syifa' at Kg Baru, Jalan Daud.  They requested me to bring star fruit leaves and gambir on my next visit.  The two items were grind and mix together which create a paste.  Diaorg ada bacakan doa in the mineral water.  So the paste plus mineral water was applied on Nabila.

star fuit leaves


Unbelievable, it works tremendously well.  You can see result in 24hours.  Booming! No kidding!  The molluscum desiccated without making the area dry and itchy.  Wonderful right.  So i stop using Aldara.  I used the paste in the morning and afternoon while at night i tried using Derma-X by Healin.  In 2 1/2 weeks time, we managed to get rid all molluscum on Nabila.  It was a cheap and successful remedy! Happy trying :-)

WITHOUT A DOUBT, the paste works wonders! I believe all skin disease can try this, no harm in trying right?

Other namesfor Jering: Djenkol Bean, Jaring, Jaring-jaring, Jengkol hutan, Jenkol, Jering altut, Tutung (local names in various dialects of Borneo), djenkol (Indonesia), krakos (Cambodia), niang-yai (Thailand)

Common name for Gambir: Uncaria gambir (Synonym: Catechu pallidum). 
Chinese name: Er Ch

Nabila after the 2 1/2 week treatment. However the scars are still there and i'm using Healin Derma-X to slowly erase the scars.  Click on the pix to see close up.


  1. awak my son kene the same thing.. pakai aldara pastu beranak... tension tk hilang hilang... should i go to darul syifaq first before try the paste?

    kat mane nak cari star fruit leave and gambir yer?

  2. Pakai aldara, memang bumps tu beranak-beranak, tension ha. I paham, been there :-)
    Well darul syifa tu free of charge, just hulur laa apa yang kita rasa patut. No harm in tryingkan. Gambir tu boleh cari kat kedai india, leaves tu yg u kena cari. I pun my parents yg carikan. Star fruit yg kita makan bukan belimbing besi tu. Diaorang mix both as paste and then akan suruh u campur air mineral yg diaorang bacakan ayat quran and sapu on that spot. Masa i gi Darul Syifa, Jalan Daud Kg Baru. Head dia yang bacakan, ustaz rambut orangy sket :-). Paling tua. Anyway opens only on Sunday after zuhur till asar. Kadang2 no queue kadang2 panjang but very fast.
    I dulu pergi pun takde sapa2 yg suggest cuma tiba2 tergerak hati nak try. If u tinggal jauh, perhaps u can buy buku Ustaz Dato' Dr Haron Din: 'Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit'green color book. Lots of doa inside, perhaps doa ibu mustajab boleh terus sampai ke anak. Good luck!

  3. Can i try go to darul syifaq nearby my house at bangi?
    U mean daun yg belimbing kita mkn as a fruit or kite mon yg org letak dlm kuah?

  4. Sure, mana2 pun boleh i rasa. Yang kita makan as fruit tu, bila potong2 jadi bentuk star... Anyway u boleh pergi dulu tanpa bawa bahan2 ni sebab maybe they use other method. Masa 1st time pergi, i tak bawa apa2 so beli mineral water situ and dibacakan some ayat. Then they advise to come and bring gambir and daun on the following week

  5. Thanx a lot.. I'm taking my son to darulsyifa today..... Thanx again for the good info k...


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