Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HandBag Aku Putus

Adoi apa laa punya nasib tadi, i had just parked my car at Giant Bukit Antarabangsa and after taking 3 steps, all of sudden kelepuk my bag was on the floor! WTH?? OMG malunyaa just imagine, the straps are made from gold plated pieces (stop guessing whether its real gold or fully plated, neither both)..and it scattered all over the floor.  There were at least 4-5 people passing by not to mention those in the car. Adoi, takkan nak biaq kat situ kan? Of course laa kena pick it up.  At least i can fix the damn bag.  Thank god this young chap came and help me out.  Semoga Allah tolong dia diwaktu lain. Amin.  Ni satu dugaan ke? ujian ke? musibah? Redha je laa..but all that 'terubat' when my son has completed his first Peter and Jane book 1a.  Soooooooo happy. Cepat laa baca Iman so that mummy tak payah baca dah malam2

Huhuhu...Genap 6 months, my hubby bought me the bag.  Hampas Gas betul, next time no more Raoul! 

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