Thursday, January 6, 2011

School Holiday Program for Iman

Last 1 ½ years I brought Iman to Tumble Tots.  I want him to socialize in the playgroup activity since he’s confined daily to his grandparents.  So I thought it would be a healthy activity for him.  After 2 classes, he’s still standing like a statue beside the wall which makes my hubby decided to stop. I don’t agree but follow je la.  Since he’ll be attending kindergarten in 2011, I thought it would be better for him to mingle around with the children before he goes formally in.  I takut Iman cry on his first day so just nak biasakan dia.  

The program is just to steady him up and push some confidence in him plus to get him familiar with the environment and waking up time.  So I had taken up a school holiday program for him.  It’s a science project for 5 days course.  Much to my surprise, the teacher thinks he has attended school before. Teacher kata “I thought he attended school before.  Anak you smart! He talks a lot and mingle around”  Pergh terangkat bontot aku,  effect from aku terkejut and first time orang puji anak aku sure laa berkembang2 bontot aku hehehehe.  Anyway I still have worries, bukan apa school holiday program ni orang tak ramai when the actual day ramai.  Takut he become the opposite of what he is today.


In the car on the way back home
Me     : Did you have fun?
Iman  : uhum…
Me     : What did you learn? What did you do today?
Iman  : Make a bird, bagi bird fly
Me     : What else did you do?
Iman  : Painting, color…
Me     : That’s gud, so teacher Iman nama apa?
Iman  : Ummm…tak tau
Me     : Your friend yang Iman main tadi nama apa?
Iman  : Ummm taktau
Me     : Macam mana friend but you don’t know his name
Iman  : Umm…taktau laa mummy
Me     : So what else did you do today?
Iman  : Umm…mummy, I forgot to take my windmill and sun, teacher kata whatever yang kita buat tadi we can bring home but I forgot mummy
Me     : So Iman buat windmill and sun laa tadi
Iman  : Yes, iman paint sun.  Iman pun paint rocket.
Me     : Paint sun color apa?
Iman  : Yellow and orange
Me     : Windmill tu apa?
Iman  : Windmill tu yang ada kipas ler, dia boleh pusing2.
Me     : Do you wanna go to school esok?
Iman  : Yes
Me thinking… leganya!


In the car on the way back home. Iman holding a plasic bag
Me     : Wow, what is that? 
Iman  : Caterpillar
Me     : Caterpillar tu apa?
Iman  : Caterpillar ni ada banyak feet mummy and its hairy
Me     : Ye ke.
Iman  : Then bila dia big dia turn into butterfly
Me     : Macam mana dia turn into butterfly
Iman  : Bila dia big, dia turn jadi butterfly la
Me     : But how?
Iman  : Ummm its like magic mummy
Me     : Bottle tu untuk apa?
Iman  : Ni untuk tembak mummy!
Me     : Haaa….
Iman  : Ni best mummy, nanti Iman show
Me thinking… this suppose to be a science project holiday program, macam mana turn into soldiering activity pulak ni!


In the car on the way back home, 
Me     : Whats with the bottle?
Iman  : There's octopus inside the bottle.
Me     : Is that so?
Iman  : Ye, nanti at home Iman show

At Home
Me     : So show laa bottle tu.
Iman  : (pressing the bottle and the 'octopus' moving upwards) See mummy, octopus tu gerak naik atas
Me     : (Impressed!) What else did you learn today?
Iman  : I make a ladybird.
Me     : Ye Ke, show me.
Iman  : Nice tak mummy?
Me     : Yes, cantik (Smiling away)

Glad i sent my son to the summer camp.  Another 2 days to go.

The ladybird and the cat

When u pressed the side bottom of the bottle, the octopus move slowly up.  Fantastic aku pun terkedu!

Another science project, boat!  The boat siap boleh move around in the pail.  Canggih.

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