Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simple Manner

Its just a simple manner.  When you need a chair and you see there's an empty chair beside your table but the table is occupied, you simply just ask "Is this chair available?" or "Is there anyone sitting over here?" or "Excuse me, is this chair taken?" Just ask! Even if there are 10 chairs and only 2 occupied, just ask the 2 fellows. You might say 'wuts the big deal', its empty so i took it.  But that shows you lack of manner. Bukan kerusi mak bapak dia. True but that hows how your parents teach you.  So people if your parents forgot to teach you this basic manner.  Start with yourself and brought down to your generation.  Sometimes this lil' things shows you who you are.

Oh ya, why in the world did this topic popped out? I was at kenduri kawin tadi and the young couple just simple pull a chair beside me without asking. And i was looking at him and he does'nt have any reaction on his  face.  Mana pergi budi bahasa orang Melayu kita.  Kalau dulu orang Melayu cukup dikenali sebagai orang yang berbudi bahasa.  Sayang seribu kali sayang.

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