Friday, February 4, 2011

Jom Tangkap Big Fish

Happy February People! This week was suppose to be a long holiday for me. We made plans to visit my sis in law in Perlis but as manusia, kita cuma mampu merancang, the rest are decided by the Almighty.  We were about to load our bags in the car when Nabila suddenly down with fever so hubby decided to cancel the trip.  Next day i'm off to work and Iman to kindie.  

Nabila was much better the next day so i had to make plans for the kiddos.  Its 4 free flowing days with their dad! We're off to Aquaria on CNY. Mak aiii...queue sket punya panjangggggggggggg sampai bayang ticket counter pun tak nampak..ticket counter lagi la kan, im like at the end of the snake tail. But since i walked from KLCC to Aquaria, the willingness to queue is there.  RM35 for adult with mykad and RM25 for mykid so better bring the kids IC on your visit!  No food allowed so stuff your kids before you go in.

At 12.00 and 3:00pm, there's feeding show but by the time i was there around 15mins to 3pm, the place was jammed-height! Be sure to enter Aquaria 1-2hrs prior to the show.  We forgo the show and take our sweet time to roam around the place.  Nabila was pretty excited to see the big fish.  They have other creatures than fishes e.g snakes, otter, bettles, lizards and believe it the fishes are actually 30% bigger than their actual size. 

Kalau yang jenis shopping souvenior kemas duit dalam poket, during exit you can buy lots of stuff.

Overall i like bringing my kids to Aquaria, this is our 2nd time.  Oh ya, nak complaint about baby changing room at Aquaria.  They don't have proper changing room, there's no proper changing table instead they ONLY have CONCRETE TABLE TOP! Ingat nak salin anak kucing kot.  Kalau baby i don't know how to lie them down, keras.  Nasib Nabila dah besar.  Still i have to wipe the concrete top for few times before putting her down.  Truly Uhygienic! 

Sampai KLCC, ingat nak bring the kids to the park.  Kus semangat, macam ada Jom Heboh..punya laa ramai human beings! Macam2 color ada.  Truly Malaysian!

Some shots at Aquaria.
 along the tunnel connecting to Aquaria from KLCC, interesting advert for backdrops

 Nabila tolak stroller pun dah excited

bad shots i got to learn how to snaps in dark!

manage to get caricature sketch for Nabila

My kids kalau dapat ice cream terus SENYAPPPPPPP
Nabila slumber deep lullaby, Abang? well go figure :-)

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