Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sambil Browse Terjumpa These

Aku fail for Feb.  I failed in Jan.  I was supposed to do 3 blogs per week but i just couldn't! I wanted to but this 2 weeks was pretty hectic for me.  We went for a short trip to PD and next thing i knew i was stuck in Ampang Puteri for 4 days.  Well i'll dribble about those things when i'm able to catch up with time..Anyway since 11.00pm just now i kept on peeping into people's border to scout some ideas of what i'm going to do for Nabila's birthday.  She's turning 2 on 21st Mac so i wanted to do something nice for her.  While skipping from one blog to another i couldn't help myself from sharing these 'thingy' with y'all.  Most of the pix are from Etsy.  Jealous laa creative betul diaorang ni! 

 semua ni confirm aku nak tiru and put it in my house hahahaha..well cilok idea not 100% fullykan..they inspire me what can i do..thehehe..

my hubby would say why on earth do u want to put these things outside when u can hide all in ur new cabinets! but cute laa tak boleh tahan!

 cool!  Ni confirm i wanna cilok

emmm...adakah i need to visit Ikea again for the jar? hubby won't be that happy!

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