Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Berapa Banyak Lagi Daaa...

Kerajaan lulus kemasukan 45,000 pekerja asing

KUALA LUMPUR: Kerajaan meluluskan kemasukan 45,000 pekerja asing, kebanyakan dari India bagi memenuhi 13 sektor di negara ini termasuk pembinaan, perladangan, restoran dan perniagaan runcit......beberapa sektor menghadapi masalah kekurangan pekerja yang kritikal terutama di restoran dan kedai runcit.

They are everywhere! Now nak add some more.  I mean cukup-cukup laa..those around pun not fully utilized and now we’re bringing in more.  Legal way pun dah berlambak, yang illegal lagi laa double.  Itu belum kira lagi yang dapat makan free kat depoh2 tahanan.  Wasted betul laa duit aku bayar tax. Why don’t we just ship them back, satu hari kalau 3 kali makan cost RM6, let say ada 500 tahanan so 500x$6 = $3000 one day, tu belum masuk cost2 letrik, air, gaji2 pengawal .  Shit it can go up to 10,000 per day.  Tu baru satu depot.  Those money can subsidized my RON97!
I just don’t understand why the government doesn’t take this seriously.  Just charge their embassy for the shipping cost, this directly will teach them to control their countrymen and we got revenue as well instead of forking out from our own wallet.  Chewah easy said right. Well I’m a citizen so I’m voicing out unless I’m a politician / minister, I would try and  make some changes to this policy even if its minor changes.  Assumption made: Kalau depoh tahanan terminated well then those supplier yang kasi makan kat illegals ni boleh bangrap la. So no more side money for some ehem ehem, no more supplier for pakcik guard.

Najib you got to stop this.  People will eventually see the changes  and vote your party. They are bringing many many negative vibes to Malaysia. We almost done with kusta and now it’s breeding again.  Tu belum masuk kes batuk kering, hepatitis.  Not to mention the unwanted babies left in our government hospital, few more ago we got articles on this.  They left babies together with the unpaid bills.  Not forgetting the apace robbery / break-ins which are really building up this past 15years.  

Yang parti pembangkang buat apa? PKR, PAS, DAP wake up laa? Yang korang sibuk demo and sending memorandum against Gadaffi laa..Mesir laa..buang masa la, let their people worry about that.  Help the people fight what should rightfully be ours like jobs, incomplete houses… these are what people want, baru laa boleh cakap nak tukar kerajaan.  

NO MORE NO MORE…setakat kat nak bawa kerja kat restoran mamak, bersidai orang2 Malaysia nak kerja.  Mamak never advertise so macam mana orang nak keja???? 

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