Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Bake Cookies!!

I made cookies last Saturday! "The Almost Famous Amos cookies"..Yup..you read it correctly.  Its a success well..to me it was since 9 out of 10 give a thumbs up so kira bagus laa tu hehehe..i would rate it A- well thats because im an amateur.  Kalau i'm a baker of course i won't be getting that scorekan.  Anyway the recipe was quite easy to follow.  Cuma balik2 baru perasan there's coffee oil.  Alamak apa tu..google punya google coffee cooks with olive oil..pergh lecehnya so i just sprinkle nescafe habis story.  

left is from the originator, you can check out her recipe.  Just wonder where the heck did my choc chip hilang! Oh ya its hiding inside the cookies ...do i deserve an A minus?? Yup i think so kakakaaka...  I'm an avid fan of her page somehow she makes me wanna bake! So next week gonna try to make a cake.  See how i fair later

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