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Imanee's Second Birthday Prep

March 2011 was so pack for me.  My Nabila finally turns 2 on 21st March 2011.  Happy Birthday Bila, mummy loves you sooo much…Hope you grow to become an independent and brilliant girl.  May beautiful things surrounded your life and only the best life could offer awaits you.  I regretted not capturing moments when you’re a baby, I was too occupied with the house renovation .  Pardon me for that.  I’ll try my very best to make up in times to come.

It took me almost 3 weeks to get ready for Nabila’s Birthday Party.  Being an almost super nova perfectionist, I wanted everything in nice and orderly manner.  I made the guest list earlier.  I wanted to invite so many people. My cousins, my friends, neighbours but I couldn’t that.  It would be too many and I only targeted to invite about 60 people so of course I need to forgo some.  So I decided for cousins, I invited those within 20km radius and only those neighbours beside my house.  Sedihnya but there’ll be next time.

Surfing the net leads me to some decorative ideas for Nabila.  I couldn’t find the stuff for Nabila on the counter.  If I ordered, it would be pricy.  My sister suggested we do it ourselves.  So untuk kepuasan hati yang gelora ni, we buat sendiri.  We decided on a theme, its going to be Minnie Mouse.  So it would be pink, white and black.  I even stated the theme in the cards.  Saja for the sake of fun.  I think I send out about 20 invitation cards.

 Boleh pulak tiba2 tak cukup kad, dah kena make 2 design!

Siap sew felt for the invitation card!

 We made hanging flags, hanging deco, Minnie mouse banner and food signage.  We went out to buy materials for the table cloth.  I always have fun when out shopping with my sis
I even made flag picks for the fruits! Sounds lecehkan, but it was worth it.

 My flag picks..sempoi, DIY from wrapping paper

Idea asal yang dicopy cat! 

Since Nabila is only 2 years old, there isn’t much activities I can do for her.  I wanted to throw games but she won’t be able to participate but I didn’t want the party to end up plain where people just eat and relax.  So we made picture booth, at least the kids get to snap some portraits.  I pass the job to my dad who was more than willing to accept the function.  Then we came out with the wishes book.  Sliding from the norm, instead of book, we did a wishing tree for Nabila and I’m so glad I did this for her.  Almost everyone participated.  She’ll be able to read all the wishes from her grandparents, aunties and cousins.  Even my son wrote something for her sis!  I will pin up in a frame later along with the birthday pix.

Wishing tree by Wan

Picture Booth pun Wan buat

Final touch on the picture booth

I googled for the best cake in town.  Chewah, my own judgement of course hehehe…This round I wanted some decorative idea instead of hand pick from the cake shop.  At first, I tried calling this nice lady in Setiawangsa, her blog blew me away.  But she was tight with a wedding so I checked for the other 2 bloggers.  Finally I decided to take up from ayanmama cake.  Threw all the necessary requirements into her mailbox.  A young lad for such a big job.  Hoping in my heart she will deliver what I expected of her.  I ordered a cute 2 tier cake from her.  Decided later to take another cake coz my dear friend said 2 tier would not be enough for my guess.  Nasib baik I followed her advise.  I ordered cookies and cream for the 1st 2 tier cake and red velvet for the second cake.  
People loves the cake!  

In the last few days, I ended buying things for the goodie bags. I didn’t want to do it in the first place because most are adults.  But again my dear friend again reminded me, kids want goodies.  Nak tak nak, I pun buat goodies bag. Yup, we did it on our own.  The bag was made out of cloth and ribbons.  We printed out the thank you card.  Nak save, semua buat sendiri.  Pencil colors, crayons  and note book among the items picked.  I added lollipop and chocolate wafer.  I don’t prefer junkies in the goodies. 

As for the balloons, my sis went to the party shop to get some helium balloons.  Cost me about RM2.60 per balloon, nasib baik party setahun sekali hahaha.  Now I know why they cost so much…almost 10 days, the balloons still floating in my living room. 
To brighten up my living hall, my mom requested for some fresh flowers.  We prep up the hall with pink carnation.  This flowers pun good, lasted till now!  Dah 10 days pun still blooming fresh.

Tired no doubt but it pays off.  Sampai MC laa aku dibuatnya! Itu pasal kena tulis bab prep ni so that Cik Imanee Nabila tak lupa yek Mummy dia tua tua nanti hehehe...


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