Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Cried...Sedihnyaaaaa

My aunt share with me this video.  Unable to describe in words.  I would like to share this clip with all of you out there.  Everyday i pray semoga Allah pinjamkan mak anad bapak selama yang mungkin kalau boleh sepanjang hayat yang I have.  I'm so grateful that my parents stay with me, grateful that they want to stay with me.  Grateful that my children still able to see my parents.  Till this day I remembered how my cousin..Kak Elly placing her cheek against her mom right before dikapankan.  Her face shows it all.  Gloomy and sorrow. Knowing well that she won't be able to hug and smell her mom after that.  

Ya Allah berilah aku kekuatan jika tiba hari tersebut.  I can't imagine...  Every alternate days my father would visit his mom..he said he needs to see her, i know it won't be long he said.  "Tok dah tua, Nasha".  I hope when the time comes i'm able to take good care of my parents just like they did for me. I hope i'm strong enough to face it mentally and physically.  I hope i'm able to feed them..bathe them..hug them..talk to them..:-(

Do you know that we get pahala for seeing our parents everyday.  Punya laa sayang Allah kat kita, senang sangat nak dapat pahala.  I'm so blessed but most of the time i'm not grateful enough for what i have.  Memang selalu sangat tak bersyukur! Forgive me Allah for i am only a human.  Insyallah, i will try and improve one day at a time.

Mak, Bapak! Nasha sayang sangat Mak and Bapak.

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