Friday, April 15, 2011


Never did I thought human can go to this extend.  Yes, we do cloning.  Yes, we do imitation, we copycat, duplicate, impersonate. We are given brain and oh yes, we’re quite an expert when come to using it.  I'm talking about the fake eggs yup yup telur ayam tiruan. I read about did 6 months ago but never realized it could actually landed in my country. And now it did! Yes our health minister has confirmed its not a ‘fake egg’, its genuine.  Even some news claimed as a hoax.  

But as far as I concern, I believe its fake.  Why do I say that? 

Case1: If it’s so genuine why does he has to go all the way and request for a stamping on each egg.  Do you think the farmer come the seller wants to sit and employ people to stamp each egg? Hello, every farm would produce at least 10,000 egg per day make it 5,000.  It’s a huge number! Money involves babe!  But because it is actually a true case of “fake”, the minister needs to ensure he doesn’t swallow the fake one as well! Its just that OUR Malaysian’s style, “Don’t make the people PANIC!”. Simple example, news soar about sugar price rising already making the whole spread of Malaysia's stores out of sugar.  Petrol price fuel hikes, we're like ants queueing up.  So if its a fake egg?? Boleh bangkrap tokey ayam.

Case2: Health Minister again said clearly on the news “Confirmed genuine, but the size is slightly bigger and not supposed to be sold in Malaysian market! Aikkk… strangeeeeee….ought not be sold? So why its in our market? If its big, its should be good, why we can’t have it??  

Case3: China and Malaysia is only 4 hours via air.  Even drugs can leak thru why can’t eggs which is “genuine”?? and you know what they say about China Product??..all things are fake excepttttt...ehem ehem?? 

p/s: note for my mom.  Mak, bila beli teloq ayam pilih yang banyak taik ayam sket sure confirm tulen.


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