Friday, May 6, 2011

Iman's First Sports Day

I’m glad I took the day off for Iman’s sport’s day. I bring the whole crowd mom, my sis, my daughter. I was about to go mad with my husband when he turned up for Iman’s second game. I feel its significant for parents to attend any of their kid activities unless u really can’t make it. I can recall how many times my parents came to my activities. I know both of them are schedule tight during those days with mom being a teacher herself and my dad was always outstation. Although I understand but as a child I would be very pleased if they were around to see how I soar. 

Iman was so different when he’s in kindie. He was such an obedient boy. He doesn’t jumped around like his friends…he stays put in his line! I couldn’t believe my own eyes! Kat rumah, I practically have to scream out my lung to make him listen to me. From my observation, Iman doesn’t look like someone who will break the rule. Now that’s totally an opposite of me. 

Enjoying my moments at the kindie makes me feel like sending Imanee earlier to kindie. The 4 years old kiddos looked as if they’re having too much fun. How could I deprive my daughter from having such fun kan!! The kids even interact better at that age.

Everybody gets a trophy at the end of the game. The teachers make it fun by grouping the kid according to house color. Although the blue team won but all get the same price. 4 years old gets a smaller trophy, 5 years a medium one whilst the 6 years old gets the tallest trophy. We ended up having pot luck, so many food spread muffin, nugget, cakes, jellys, drumsticks, cookies etc..but like always Iman was only keen on the ‘milo kotak’, even the twister junkies doesn’t attract him. Not a bad event for my 1st time attending a sport day.

according to Iman, top right is the girl who always 'kacau' him..i think she likes my prince...ehem ehem..pan asian ..mak mat saleh..tu..Mishka..

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