Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tale of A Girl Name Kate

Well who wouldn’t want to be married to a prince. Its always a fairy tale for every girl plus you have the added bonus if the prince is a charming chap. A prince from a renown country. Make that a kingdom. Oh boy, you’ll be bouncing up and down waiting for the right day to come. 

Of course with all the fame surrounded, you have to accept the other side of that ‘beauty’. I think Kate has started to feel the bites when the Brit’s media comparing her with her sister and her bygone MIL. I think most fresh ‘princesses’ will endure the same slanderous action from every corner. Look what happened to Masako of Japan.  Being somewhat strong and educated person also failed to keep her steady.

While her sister is engaged to one of the world's most eligible bachelors, Pippa's love life has also been in the spotlight. In 2008, Tatler magazine named her the No. 1 Society Singleton, beating out musician James Blunt and Princess Eugenie, daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. 
more news:

Who says it’s easy to become a princess? Its hard to uphold your principles. You got to be classy, sophisticated, in public you got to control your farts most of the time, no butt scratching, no nose picking, no dandruff itching you got to control your bowel movement. I wonder how Kate managed to go thru the event without feeling bubbly in her stomach.

It also makes me ponder how our Agong Sultan Mizan found his companion. How do they ended up together? She was my senior at St Nicholas Convent. Was it a fairy tale for her as well?

I don’t think I can marry a prince if I were given a chance (this was my thought when I was a virgin ehem) sebab nanti during Raya I can only see my parents on 3rd or 4th day huhuhu..because I need to attend the open house for rakyat! I cannot be seen in my seluar apek petak2, I cannot be seen savoring my cendol sebelah loji penapisan kat Ampang Jaya. I cannot be seen without my make up. Night mare!!

I’ve seen Princess Di wedding, her funeral and now her son’s wedding. Wonder if I’m still alive to see her son’s funeral and the grandchild’s wedding. errrr....

Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

L-with Pippa Middleton.  R-what a smooch..Will, get some manual from you tube!
 Princess Di always in her own class..I think Charles couldn't keep it with her, thats why he chose Camelia PJ

 opps...see even your undies got to be umphhh..opps watch out for those bikini wax dear..
 Love this pix..Blends well..
Well what can you say...she paraded in lingerie before rite

Keep it up...

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