Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mak, Surprise!

How did you celebrate your mother's day last Sunday?  We threw a surprise wishes for Mak!
She was indeed surprise and almost in tears! Lepas tu cry jugak when she read our wishes.
Love you Mak, semoga panjang umur, sihat sentiasa and ceria selalu bersama kami muahhhssss

A- Mak really surprised! We did the deco in 5mins time...jenuh juga nak buat drama bagi mak go away from the scene
B. Iman made Grandma's card
C. Second grandson of the family
D. All mothers
E. Emotional time

Food was fantastic, my mom cooked us butter and cheese lobster which i brought back from Kuching.  Kaki tangan dah gone, ni je tinggal masa i took the pix. Some simple egg salad add to the flavour. I know its mother day but i got no time to cook, busy visiting my MIL, SIL that day.  Nama pun mother day so i ended up visited all the mothers!  Nabila did her own card as well..with her own meaning ???  Second grand daughter in the family. 

Nothing much that day but it was a chaotic and melodrama mood throughout the 2 hours!  With the children running and shrieking, shrilling, piping..macam2 laa..Overall it was a fantastic day for all of us.  We enjoyed till midnite!

Whether she's near enough to hug or far away, make mother's day truly memorable.  If she's no longer around..send her your 'doa' should be an everyday event :-)

Till next year...

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