Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teacher, Is Iman Slow?

Iman had just been transferred to an advanced class. He was in the beginner class earlier merely coz he didn’t attend any preschool before. He was progressing quite well for the first month. But the past 2 weeks seems slow. Peter and Jane reading book were marked read 2-3 pages je in a week. 

When I go thru with Iman, I can see that he can move 7-8 pages ahead so I wonder is my boy having problem at school or the teacher didn’t go thru with him. Called up the teacher and was told that now they’re focusing more on children which are slower to enable them to catch up with the rest of the group. 

I was baffled. I wonder why didn’t the teacher pursue with the rest and the slower group should be tackled by another teacher. They’re already in an advanced class anyway.

Whole day I’m kept on thinking what I’m going to discuss with the teacher until I heard IKIM FM. A mother called in and she said “I ada anak kurang upaya and he cannot learn as fast as the rest of the kids, I felt sorry for my son. My husband doesn’t understand the situation and kept on giving sarcastic remarks to my son. Sometimes dia perli anak. Dalam hati saya tahu yang anak saya tak mampu untuk buat lebih tapi dia sedang mencuba tapi bila mendengar kata-kata suami saya hati saya hancur dan sedih. Bagaimana saya dapat bantu anak saya…”. She was in tears

As if being hit on the head, I just realized something! There and then, I try to put myself in her shoe blending with Iman’s situation above. If I had to go thru the same,I want the best for him as well. I would want teachers to focus more on my child. How ungrateful I was. My son was already a par with the rest when he entered the advanced class so why can’t I let the teacher give chance to others who lack behind. I was being narcissistic!

Ya Allah, maafkan aku. Insafkanlah aku.

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