Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manners Again

I have to write about this.  I went for a wedding at Melaka kampung.  I was about to scoop the chicken onto my plate when this makcik kerek sebelah i push me aside..nasib baik tak terpelanting pinggan aku.  Then more outrageous, she wanted to take the spoon from me! I was still holding the damn spoon..teruk nak tarik!  Amboi dalam hati aku orang tua ni tak sabaqnya sib baik tua kalau muda dah sah kena maki! So with upmost polite than i can be i said "Makcik, nanti ye saya ambil dulu", she gave one kind of look.  Bukannya food nak habis pun, still penuh and you're behind me not 100 rows behind me. Then when i wanted to move to the next tray dia blocking.  Brutal giler makcik ni.  Dasyat, mana pi laa adab orang melayu kita these days.  Kalau pi hotal buffet camana laa agaknya.

Immediately it reminded me about 10 years back when i went for a buffet Ramadhan at Tasik Titiwangsa, i think it was Restoran Nelayan.  About 20mins before the azan, orang dah start ambil food.  But unbelievable, people were practically dashing for the food.  Berebut-rebut as if takde dah makanan after that.  Ambik food satu meja yang ada 2-3 orang macam nak ambik for 10-11 people.  Kalau satay tu pergh..macam bukit.  By the time azan finished.  Food needed to be refilled! 

The 3 of us were too stunned to see the crowd.  When we left, we can see most tables still having lots of leftovers.  Bazir giler!  Maybe because of its cheap priced RM30 per head.  Then all of us agreed, that will be the first and the last we'll ever go to Restoran Nelayan.  10 years pass by, perhaps the crowd will be different.  Where all can sit and enjoy decent meals!

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