Thursday, May 26, 2011

Proper Tie Length

Recently i went for a grooming session.  Interesting!  Wanna share some tips with you guys out there.  Will include more in days to come.

The proper length for a tie is for the tip of the wide end to touch the top of your belt.

You do not want it to be long because 
a) if its long, its pointing to ....i'll leave that blank for you to fill it up
b) it might stuck in your fly
c) you might pee on the thing!

You do not want it to be short because
a) because you are not those GQ models, you want to keep it macho not look like a model clown
b) "Too short of a tie makes you look like a rube."
c) Having the tie too short just makes one look heavier

So how many ties you should have in your closet? Lucky number is 10

If you are medium or large build, never buy the thin tie!

Never wear a tie that carries brand!
You're not that brand boutique sales man

nice, this is what you wanna wear

never pick floral motives unless the design is vague like this purple and silver tie

never pick a tie that has more than 4 colors, big design, cartoon are all NO NO in the corporate world

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