Saturday, May 14, 2011

What A Lovely Day Today

I love my day today! I'm still smiling now.  Kalau i'm outing with my mom and sis.  Perghhhh syokkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!  Tak makan pun takpe.  Dah kenyang hehehe...Started my day today at Ampang Puteri.  When to pick up my medical report with my mum.  Alhamdullilah, i'm clear! Everything superb! Ab initio, i reckoned i would be nearing to a diabetic syndrome and also my cholesterol would be shooting up coz i love to savor cakes, chocs, cheesy things, lamb, when the doc said all in order.  

Syukurnyaa...terus rasa dunia indah, boleh hentam makan lagi kekekeke.  My mum pun okay, sangat2 syukur except her cholesterol is high..siap doc cakap.."Puan lepas ni kita tak nak dah guna minyak2 kelapa sawit..tu semua minyak2 murah..kena makan corn oil ye!".  When my mum came home and told my dad about what the doc commented, bapak said "Takpe, lepas ni kita goreng ikan dengan RON97 saja laa"

my dad is one person that could really make you laugh, lawak bersahaja. If my father was born in this generation, i would ask him to join Raja Lawak hehehe..he can be a great DJ like Salih Yakob! 
Scene at Dapur: I overhead their conversation. Shhhhhh

We had a late breakfast at MacD.  My mum punya concern pasal her cholesterol, siap taknak letak butter kat pancake.  

Treat my mum and sis at Euro Moda for baju raya.  Kena cepat daa, tailor cakap end of this month last submission.  I hardly buy kain, kalau beli normally its for raya or occasion.  Maybe once or twice a year.  I find it pricy.  Kain chokia chokia dah $250 + $85upah kurung biasa, tu belum masuk mak nenek lining and beads.  Kalau lining dah $150.  So got to spend minimum $335, mana tahan babe kalau buat tiap2 bulan tapi dapat sepasang je.  I pulak love yang ala2 transaparent coz i find the cloth nampak more classy so those kain confirm kena dryclean.  Maintenance cost lagi.  

Anyway terbabas gak 3 pasang, takpe laa raya setahun sekali.  My mom pun borong sakan! My sis took 2.  Then brought my mom to buy kain lagiiiii for her blouse at Jalan Bangkok Bank.  Ada lagi ke nama jalan ni? Tah laa but its around the old Metrojaya Sinar Kota.  I think they changed to Mydin.  So those days...ada kedai2 kain cina.  Now tinggal satu je.  The material is somewhat different from those you found at Jalan TAR.  Kedainya nama Isetan!

Drop my mom off at home.  Zohor jap then off to Pavillion.  Baru perasan dah 5.00pm, no wonder my stomach is howling!  Grab a quick bite at The Loaf.  First time, i tried actually.  Sedap laa...definitely gonna make a regular stop when i'm there again.  We had beef+mushroom+cheese quiche, creamcheese + bluberry ni mmg too die for laa..cream cheese filling dia tersangat laa filling! chichen ham + cheese croissant, hazelnut cupcake which taste more like a thick mousse, cream puff yang heaven tu, strawberry apa tah. yg paling out for me. Apa lagi tah..tak berapa ingat laa..RM40 for tea-time, not bad.  Worth it laa..Nanti nak bring my parents here since both of them loves bread.

I took pix from various site, tumpang ye Mr Google yg kasi!  
A-CreamCheese+Blueberry ni mmg heaven for cheese lover kena try!
B-Beef + Mushroom+Cheese Quiche, sedap! 
C- DO NOT TAKE, dah laa besar 1 1/2 inch, haram tak sedap! OUT for RM2.80
D- Although, its petite, besar size 50sen je tapi MUST TAKE! Sangat delicious
I took a few more tak berapa ingat yg lain tapi 4 ni yang kasi big impact!

Truth is i'm looking something hubby's birthday.  I find it hard buying gift for men.  Balik balik benda yang sama.  2 years in a row, i went out together with hubby to buy the gift so this year he wants a surprise.  Yup you read it correctly, he knew i'm getting him something just he hasn't have the clue apa dia.  Kelakar laa pulak kan. But of course when i'm out with my sis, i tend to flung from the real objective.  We went to so many places Jaspal, Warehouse, Promod, MNG, Tangs, MAC, Clinique, Raoul, G2000....till i lost count.  We tried clothes, shoes, makeups..handbags je tak try! heheheh

My sis brought me to Sephora, worldwide cosmetic store.  Sampai juga kat KL.  Founded in France.  Its huge and you can find everything in that store from skincare, color, fragrance, bath & body, haircare, perfume, make-up tools in addition to Sephora's own private label.  

Sephora's product are quite reasonable.  Compact powder $65, cheap but not sure whether its long lasting.  Colors are alright.  Tak sebanyak MAC but not bad.  Yang bestnya tempat ni, you can look look and see see without having the sales girl goggling beside you.  You'll find the common products like Lancome, Clinique, SKII, Clarins then you have Benefits, Burts, Dr Murad, Makeup Forever, Smashbox apa lagi ye..check it out ladies, its cool for those makeup lover!  
I decided to try out this foaming cleansing.  Why?
Product ni takde parabens! Apa tu? korang google ler.  Cheap siot $35 je!  

Concept macam Guardian cuma stuff are basically cosmetics, skincare and fragrance. Kena visit.  those not in kl, don't fred, you can always order online from (US currency)

8pm, kaki dah sengal..clothes, cosmetics done...last2 baru teringat ohhhh..lupa beli present!! Thats y i can't go shopping with my sis. Kopak my purse!  I bought cufflink and tie for my handsome guy.  Hope he likes it.  Yup he's going to love it.  He better be!

Arrived home at 9:30pm before my mom complaint! Last2 my kiddies dah sleep..aiseyman, had i known earlier we would have continue to shop!  My list still have another 50% to cover!!

p/s: Terpikir about my daughter Nabila.  She doesn't have sister to go shop hang around, to chit chat, to gossip..movies together, spa..macam2..emm..hope she will be closer to all her cousins..Nadenne would be her great partner, mummy hoping the best for you sayang. Siap pikirkan for your shopping day tau!

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