Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Muslims Are Treated In America

Its odd when people think that they're so open minded but they're not that open on how people dress.

I remembered during my varsity years in Victoria, there was one time we've been harassed by bunch of young girls! But of course laa i ni being orang yang mulut direct sket i lawan balik...but that time they didn't use the word muslims instead they're used "We don't need people like you in our country"..pergh ayat budak tu...tajam bak pedang menusuk jantung!  But i jawab balik "Nasib baik kitaorang datang your country if not people like you don't go to U because we pay 10K while u just pay 1K ..we're actually subsidizing your people"

Siap nak gaduh nasib baik my mate Midah coolkan diri ni and minah2 tu pun ada geng diaorg yang coolkan..Masa tu buat berani je walau dalam hati gabra gak dah laa diaorang species debab debab..and i was only 38-40kg je masa tu..kalau dia rembat memang berkubur kat hospital laa jawabnya

gadoh ngan budak liar..biasa laa golongan yang tak tu laa style dia.  I'm the type yang will fight back..will fight till i win..kalau tak boleh win pun..will fight just for the sake of satisfying myself hehehe...

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  1. Sedihnya bila kena discriminate mcm tu. when I was in Tassie, some hurled verbal abuse to us but it was not because kita org pakai tudung. It was always because we're Asians.


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