Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teddy & Friends Day Out 2011

Yep..apa kebenda laaa title blog ni kan?  Well i need to share with you parents out there.  
Its a treasure hunt for kids!  Well its more than that.  Its actually to raise funds for The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). Ticket is RM35 per kid!  It was my first time and i regretted for not bringing Nabila along. 

I love treasure hunt!  Kalau office punya memang tak pernah miss join.  My team even won first prize! (chewah boastful sket ye hehhee).  Anyway i thought this would be great to create some interest for my boy.

12 June 2011, started at 7:30am but we arrived at 8.30am hehehe..
Upon registered, they gave me a goodie bag.  Wahhhh Iman was so excited, mana tak macam2 they put in the bag...let me think..magic color, pencil color, pencil, binocular, drinking cup, 
story book...Famous Amos cookies, sweets! Coupon voucher from Dome..apa lagi yek, dah lupa!

courtesy pix from : http://nurlinidris.blogspot.com/2011/06/teddy-and-friends-day-out-at-klcc.html

Color contest begins. As long as you can finish before 12:30 then you'll able to run for the contest. Tapi yang dasyatnya ada bunch of kids came i think solely for the color contest. They brought their own crayons and get this..and even TABLE untuk lapik kertas color tu!! yes you read me correctly.  Ni kes nak menang betul.  So if u intend to win, do the same else just let 'em add color to the paper.  Lagi rainbow lagi cun!

Hunt begins at 9:30am... quite interesting.  Mummy iman yang lagi excited.  Clues dia memang easy for kids. The kids need to count number of teddy pegged.  Then there were few alphabets along the way for kids to come out with an animal that represent the letter.  Then they have animal images for kids to figure out the name.  

Then cari hanging teddy on the tree. I pun siap laa tercangak-cangak tengok atas pokok, mana laa hidden teddy since they gave the kids binoculars.  Alih-alih punya laa tinggi benar, tinggi atas kepala i je!!  But Iman was agog over the binocular!  

nampak yg i tanda dalam green circle tu..haa tu laa hanging teddy, if your kids jump pun dapat grab!

Breakfast was sponsored.  Sambil bertreasure hunt, you stop at some station to get the breakfast.  Our first stop was for O'Briends sandwich...plus Ribenna.  Next was 1905 Hot Dog.  Perghhhh canggih, breakfast pun sedap! 
courtesy pix from : http://nurlinidris.blogspot.com/2011/06/teddy-and-friends-day-out-at-klcc.html

Tour almost 50% of the park.  Pergh berpeluh gak laa ketiak and perut ku.  Iman? Well he doesn't seem to be tired at all!  Hungry pun tak!
Nama pun at the park, Mummy..i want to slide..one time saja please..

By 11:30, we're back into KLCC Convention Centre.  Sambung color..then macam2 games available for kids to try out.  Games ala2 golf, bowling with coconut, basketball treats..ada face painting, sand art, foam stickers..puas sangat laa for children to play.

Believe it or not..this is the FIRST TIME Iman try Sand Art
This round kena bawa plush toys.  Towards the end of the event, they picked the 'coolest, canggih, cantik' teddy laa..we brought the smallest and easy to carry. Senang lekat kat seluar Iman je.

Sib baik laa ada friends

Every game played kalau menang dapat hadiah mana budak tak suka kan..

All in all, i give 5 stars!  Tahun depan bawak laa anak korang ye ;-)
I'll be bringing Nabila next year, insyallah.

Oh before lupa ..i love the magic color yang Faber Castell kasik...smooth..and kalau tak betudung for few minutes pun the color is still great plus the paper doesn't get drenched when colored!  Ada lagi, dia ada number on the magic color which makes it great to teach the little one for color copy...

Nabila lagi creative..terus jadi cutex!

Sayonara, till next time when my mood for blogging comes...nite 


  1. Iman punya muka sangat excited ehehe :)

  2. Salam..saya Ina Ibu Nabila..awak ada komen kat entry saya ttg sawan tu kan..Sori terpaksa reply kat entry ni..
    Sawan macam2 jenis. Macam Nabila kadang2 dia diam dan keraskan badan tu pun di kira sawan. Dulu masa dia baby Nabila akan diam dan mata dia berkedip-kedip laju. Yang tu berlaku dalam 5 second la. Tak lama.. Tapi sawan kecik2 ni yang buat saya worried sangat.. Sebab ianya effect kat brain dia kan.
    Untuk u, saya tak nak takutkan u. But if see something wrong with your child, better gi checkup with peadtrik.. or ambil video bila benda tu jadi. so..doc boleh analisis sama ada anak u ada sawan atau tidak..
    Thanks yek sudi singgah blog Nabila.. :)

  3. Sue: yes, dia memang tersangat excited! You should bring your daughter next year :-)

    Noina: Thanks for the info


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