Friday, October 28, 2011

Ilham Kena Dicari, Bukan Semua Datang Sendiri

On Friday nites, Saturday nites.. i luv blogwalking.. or blogjogging or wuteva they called it.  I'll try to find things which can inspire me.. definitely have to be beautiful and fresh so usually i opt for decor blogs.  You can get great ideas just by flipping thru their web pages or if you brain is too damn lazy to bring out the output to your lense, just direct copy their idea hahaha..  Below some of the places, i dropped by.  Hope you like 'em too..

Em..this blogger bagi idea on framework..nicekan, we just need to find nice pix from internet and print it out...takyah nak pi beli yang mahal..what a brilliant idea!

I love her house... kalau laaa aku designer or fashion/interior designer or apa2 laa yang ada art..i would love to do something like this else people akan kata cam rumah tak habis siap lak different and fresh

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