Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Syoknya Korek Telinga

It happened to me yesterday! In my office!
This guy from another department came by to deliver some packages for my colleague.
He was standing beside my desk when he started drilling down his fingers@nails into his "sense organ for hearing and equilibrium".  I was watching him with amusement as well as amazement.  I mean how can you simply korek telinga infront of colleagues in the office? And the period taken was not seconds, it lasted a few minutes. Mata pun kuyu aka layu sebab stim sangat.  Wow, some people can really put on an action! This short film reminds me back to the time when i wrote Men and Taik Hidung.  The Male Species Have Never Fail To Impress Me.  

To those who constantly pick their ears, their nose and etc...please view the below site, you need to get help.

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