Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Europe Trip: Italy/Switzerland/France - Part1

It started off like this.. masa tengah i fold baju.."Yang, i bawa u pi Europe" said Mr Hubby.  I was like biaq betoi ni...and my reply was "You jangan buat i tersyok pulak, benda takdak jangan dok cerita" and he was like.. "I'm serious!"...

Flying on Emirates EK343 departs KL around 2am, reaching Dubai at 4:50am.  Right, it looks as if we're flying for only 2 hours ++..Well KL is 4 hours ahead.  So all in i was tied to my plane seat for 7hrs! Thank god for the wide bucket seat, individual 15' screen and nice food.

Dubai airport was huge! It took us around 10minutes on bus to get to the terminal. Long queue at the  security checkpoints. First time ever in my life, i repeat first time ever.  I was asked to remove my shoe because the damn alarm keep on barking me! Masa ni yang angin ni, alarm tu tak reti nak check ke besi kasut ke besi bom...hishhhhh

Anyway once past the checkpoints at Terminal 3, i was thrilled!  I have never seen so many people strewn all over an airport floor. Ibarat macam potong buah betik, biji-biji tu laa kepala orang. Ramai siot! I mean seriously gila punya ramai. Planes were landing every 5-10mins.  See below for proof!

Once you're in this airport, you'll feel the atmosphere as a departmental store as compare to an airport.  You can find all sorts of perfume from every corner of the world.  Minyak atar, minyak angin je takde hehehehe.

And from one end to another, it was really LONGGGGG.  Free wifi all over the airport. Plus baby strollers are everywhere.  Tak pernah ku nampak stroller sebanyak tu..MacLaren lagi you..

Dasyat tak dasyat almost every 5 minutes ada plane landing!!!!!

 Bukan nak tunjuk screen tu tapi nak tunjuk siap ada tempat nak charge ur phone/ipod/ipad/padding ke apa lagi seangkatan dengannya laa...nampak sangat dah lama tak naik jumbo flight

 Fantastic food on Emirates!  2 Thumbs Up

 Paper dia memang the best so far..licin babe, ink tak melekat kat jari

and bagusnya orang dubai ni siap ada satu section Community Report Competition.."Standing up for community" excellent laa.. Malaysia boleh adopt ni..

Yikes..i'm sleepy chapter ya..

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