Monday, October 29, 2012

My Europe Trip: Italy/Switzerland/France - Part2

Discover Itay - Padova @ Padua, Italy

The thing i hate about taking tours is that they rush you here and there.  Makan pun nak cepat, jalan pun nak cepat. Semuanya cepat laa...Dan paling tak tahan, terus pergi the hot spot punya places, takde check in hotel dulu.  Just imagine dah berjam-jam dalam flight +- at aiport, travelling to airport and all..almost 24 hours tak mandi!!!!! Then terus makan, sight seeing then eat again!!..Dah laa summer time...bergetah semacam je rasa.., ketiak dah hangit. Kepala jangan cakap laa..gatal ala2 kutu start break dancing ha..

Venezia airport is rather small ala-ala airport Alor Setaq kot.  Amusing thing happened in the toilet.  Masa nak flush toilet, i was confused.  Because there were no handles. Cari punya cari, rupanya chewah...tekan dengan kaki saja. It was on the floor!

Padova is at the northern part of Italy. The city is picturesque! You can discover the city on foot.  After that, we're off to Mestre for lunch, which is around 45km away.  

ok peeps..sambung later...tadaa...

Looking out for my lunch...Fuh...nampak sedap..tengok2 resipi daging muka kemek, 
terus potong stim hehehehe

My 1st lunch meal in Italy, the pizza was damn BIG

Saint Anthony's cathedral (Basilica di Sant'Antonio)

Prato della Valle is the biggest square in Europe.  
A large central grassy area surrounded by a statue-lined canal

 Muka paling sembab... tengah sakit perut, berangin asyik makan mushroom atas Emirates!

 Basilica di Santa Giustina

  my first souvenir shop!

And one thing i discovered that you cannot snap 'polizia'!! Polis ni siap berenti depan and interview haa...sib baik lepas tu dia tunjuk thumbs up. Habis dia chow baru ada satu pakcik tua ni bagitau tak boleh tangkap gambar polis! Its an offence.  Mana tau patut laa dia stop


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