Saturday, August 21, 2010

Headband Missing In Action

I luv to see my girl wearing headband, clips, hair elastics other words wuteva things that could stay on her hair / head hehehe.. but sadly Nabila able to wear those accessories for about 30mins or so.  Last 2 weeks, we went to KLCC for Lunch at California Pizza.  I'm eyeing the headband most of the time.  Thereafter we headed to Raoul, the bags were on sale.  Jadi crazy tengok lotsa bags yg cun melencun but then my hubby just gave me one.  Should not spend on necessary rite.  Then we went to Zara, Isetan, Mom's Care, Braun Buffel..and after 4 hours of rambling and about to exit from the car park..i go..
Me           : Yang, did you see Bila's headband?
My Hubby: Apesal? Its on her head masa i stroll her to the escalator
Me           : When was that?
My Hubby: Masa nak masuk KLCC ler
Me           : Masa kat California Pizza?
My Hubby: Tah ler..
Conversation Closed.

Huhuhu..tah mana hilang, i love the headband.  Its simple and pretty.  Its a pink headband with diamond studs.  Macam ballerina style. Darn!

Below are some of the headbands which i luv to buy but they're not available in Bumi Malaysia, ladies if you know the place, do let me know.

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