Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hairstyle For Raya

I’m just gonna spend a moderate amount of cash on my hair. Unlike before where I forked a fortune on my locks, this year its going to be different. I’m going to save on this part and spend on another hahahhaa.. you must have thought that I’m gonna save up right! Masa kecik-kecik, my raya would be in Sg Petani, Kedah. I dunno whether it’s a trend during those time or its just my family’s trend. After Raya prayers and visiting the graves, all the ladies and girls namely all the aunties and cousins, we will go to this one saloon and make our hairs. Thereafter we will start our convoy to all the makcik, pakcik and tok nenek’s house. Your hair would be ‘per FIT’ for the whole day, love it. Well those were the days, this year I’m going to cut short well probably not so short but short enough to make a different.

State of my hair
24-08-2010: Long, unruly, no style, dull, boring, it has becoming wavy since I keep on making a bun almost every day at home
10-09-2010: The magic has yet to be discovered. Ahaks!

Which style should I choose?? Em..let me see…im aiming for

A - Sexy but the fringe em..don’t think I can go around with that..

B – Safe but look messy all the time

C – Almost the same style I had previously

D – emmmm…

E – This would be a U layered cut, I maintain my length but almost like my sister

F – Paris Hilton, school girl cut

G – I love this but would it be too short?

H – This is far more safer and nice kan..might go for this

I – Years back I got this style and it look pretty ok on me..

J – Ni ada laa style for raya kan…but this would cost extra than wut I budgeted…

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