Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bandung Trip - Day 3 (Part 2)

Back to my seat. We went out for jalan-jalan at Jln Setiabudhi. Beside Rumah Mode, there’re few FOS around like the Fashion World, Mode Plus and Zenith which I didn’t manage to go. Mode Plus was a little bit pricy then the others. Fashion World was quite interesting. They have a small cozy area for you to laze around while waiting for your partner to shop.


I stopped for a snack at DenHaag Klappertaat kiosk.  I took "Koek Kecil" or you can merely as for 'kelapa tart'. The pastry is really delicious. Would recommend this to anyone of you out there. I tried Klappertart, inside this pastry, slightly taste like soft bread pudding plus the egg tart. With both combination, there’s a fresh coconut strip inside the pastry. Urghh…sedap, the taste still lingers in my memory and mouth! Price: RP7000.
So if you’re somewhere in Bandung, scout for these vans. Pasti Enak Dong!

We had tiffin at Rumah Makan Sederhana Padang. Well let me tell you when first time they serve you its not ‘sederhana’ at all! It’s a whopping meal if you eat all of course. They’ll come and serve you about 10-14 dishes at one go. You’ll be charge for what you eat. Simply ask them if you’re not sure what you are ingesting. There’s this one dish which we couldn’t work out whether it’s a beef/chicken/fish and to our surprise it was the cow’s brain!! Ewww….thank god! If not we might have swigged down the brain. I can’t imagine the texture but believe me, it doesn’t look as horror as my story goes. In actual, it looked kindda tasty.

I have to give Indonesian credit, they can make dishes from every part. Gulai urat was simply tasty. Soft and tender indeed. Daging Rendang is a MUST. Plus I love their tempe, its always fresh and garing. Its fried with egg-plant @ brinjals and added with ‘petai’. The petai still intact to the kulit. One thing that puzzles me, their ‘petai’ which most of the time mix with tempe does not leave smell at all! Hairan bin ajaib. I don’t take petai or anything that goes with petai. But somehow for this case, I can take the ‘tempe’ and eggplant although it has been mixed with petai merely because the taste and smell basically does not exist in that bowl! But I wasn’t daring enough to try their ‘telur dadar’ @ omelette because the outer view looked more like a bread rather than an egg. Hehehehe. We were charged RP114,400 for 7 dishes. Puas hati, kalau makan kat Sari Ratu KL sure kena double!  Overall I would give 4/5 for the food.

top is the omellette, next on the right is the brain :-); bottom right is the gulai urat
Wait for my part 3 ya :-)

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