Friday, November 26, 2010

Bandung Trip - Day 3 (Part 3)

Usually orang tulis sampai part 2 jer, aku hentam je till part 3. Kalau mengantuk, there'll be another sequence, part 4! Hahahha macam real je, konon macam ramai membaca. Yang hampehnya, kawan2 seblogger je baca, kalau ada 4-5 kerat pun dah kira baguih!

Half past 5, we went out with Pak Harry, our Bandung friend. He brought us tour the whole town. We managed to pass Cimpelas area which I didn’t managed to venture. But I would not want to stay around this area. Its overly crowded. The shops are basically adjoined to each other with no air-conditioner. Macam style Hadyai/Padang Besar. We went to Bandung Trade Center @ BTC. The place is like Sg Wang way back in the 80’s. In other words don’t waste your time going there. Ain’t worth a dime. Dah la jauh!

We end up back in Dago area. We bought some delicacies at Kartika Sari. It’s one of the famous bakery in Bandung. Most bakery around Bandung are quite exclusive. The shop looked more like a Bonia boutique rather than a bakery! I tried Roti Bagelen, toasted sliced French loaf with butter and sugar. Then we took Tiramisu Bakar, a must buy cake! Brownies Cookies Bakar, yummy as well. Then I tried Pisang Moleh. But I prefer Pisang Moleh at Rumah Mode, the taste is much better and fresher too! Then we went further up to Amanda. We bought Brownies Kukus Original and Brownies Kukus Marble. I preferred the Marble. Most of them cost around RP25,000 to RP30,000. The downside is that the expiry date is within 3-4days for 'kek kukus'. So its better to buy on the last day or you can opt for the brownies bakar. And buy in the shop itself bukan dekat warung tepi jalan!

Courtesy pix from Mr Google

We did managed to explore Grande. The ladies clothing are quite up to date. Prices are reasonable as well. Next, I went to Lavie Baby Shop at Jalan Imam Bonjol. Its full of baby clothing but I didn’t like the atmosphere. Cheap, no doubt but the place is so cramp and you have to scout around for what you want. Tak berapa syok nak shopping. I was in and out within 5 minutes. I think Rumah Mode has put a spell on me. Once you had your first shopping at a grand outlet, it makes you in a deplorable state when you shop at a less classy FO. Memilih sungguh aku ni!

We’re off to Paris Van Java. It’s a huge mall. They have Sogo, Carrefour beside other stores which you can find in KL. Bodyshop, Zara, Giordana, Charles and Keith macam kat KL la. Lots of eatery to try out. A nice place to hang around. The accessories shop are quite up to date and cheaper than KL. I grabbed 2 necklaces for my sister. Its for her birthday present. The cheapest ever I spend for her!

Most eatery in Paris van Java are western food. Nak lepak2 syok laa kat sini. Macam lebih kurang The Curve, Street Market. We make a move to D'Cost Seafood. Tagline of the shop "Kualiti 5 Bintang, Harga Kaki Lima". Pergh, power ayat. Sure whoever read the tagline would want to try it.  The weird part is Ikan Gurame Stim Garlic does not have a smell! Selalu kalau makan The Chicken Rice Shop, tak sampai secubit dah berbau mulut, this one dasyat no smell.  Hairan Hairan. For 4 person kitaorang order, Baby Kailan Sos Tiram, Ikan Bawal Hitam Bakar Pedas, Ikan Gurame Stim Bawang Putih, Tempe Goreng, Udang Pancet Saus Telur Asin and drinks cost us around RP139,920 about RM49 la. 

We ended our day by going to the Braga Area. Peninggalan Sejarah Belanda can be seen around this area.  They say this is a place if you wanna find paintings.  Too bad we didnt get the change.  Perhaps next round.

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