Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meja Makeup IKEA Yang Siot

I love IKEA, whats not to love about IKEA. They openly offered you plenty of ideas. And it’s all free of charge! I felt in love with this makeup table for quite sometime. I aimed to buy it. My darling hubby even took me to Fella Design to buy my makeup table. I gave all sorts of reasons to my husband, the makeup table was pricy, bulky for the room, the exact size doesn’t have drawers and many more.

So we move to IKEA and I got what I want. It was only RM1000++, to be exact it was RM1119.00, 3 chest drawers with 2 small drawers and a mirror. What a deal, and its white! Itu yang aku suka pun. For a white furniture, I consider it as the best deal I can get. Hubby was not so keen but he goes along and pay for it.

It was May 2010. Now in Nov 2010, my kiddos for unknown reason loves to open and close the top drawer. They’ll come and dig into the drawer and upon finding what they like, they’ll push back the drawer like pushing a car door. Biasa laa kids kan. Imagine that, you can hear aloud POMM!. My compartment laa tu. So somehow the bottom inner layer that support the drawer dropped. Nak cerita pun tak sure nak describe macam mana. But dalam erti kata lain, bottom base drawer asyik jatuh and my hubby dah fix for nearly 3 timesssssssssss within this month. 2 days ago, it happened again and my hubby doesn’t have the mood to fix it. I’m pissed and I’m not sure whom should I be shouting at right now
a) My husband who did not fix the drawer
b) My kiddos for slamming the drawer for several times a day
c) IKEA for selling me the “UN DURABLE“ chest drawer for a freaking RM1000++
d) Myself for not taking the FELLA makeup table worth triple when my husband is clearly paying for it!!! Duh

If it’s a two hundred chest drawers I would have chuck it outside my house but since it’s a thousand plus piece so I have to keep as well as to avoid seeing my husband sarcastic look of ‘I TOLD U SO”

And yang buat aku more geram, I kept on going back to IKEA. Jampi ke apa diaorang ni! Confirm BOMOH laa ni!

Huhuhuhu sedeynyaaaa baru 6 months je! In short, you can buy IKEA furniture if its not a day to day usage. If it is, baik beli kedai apek pelabot biasa lagi lasting lorrr. Mark my word! IKEA rep if you read this, come and fix or replace it and I’ll be sure to write a nice article about you in future!!! Deal????

kan classic chestdrawer ni, mana aku tak jatuh cinta, agreed?

You can see the straight line gap.

The bottom layer.  Going to fall off anytime

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