Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aku Geramnyaaaaaaaaaa

Yesterday, i had just moved into my car when the passenger beside my car entered her car. Of a sudden, i heard a 'THUCK' sound.  Arrrrr....bengong punya minah!  Tak boleh ke masuk keta elok2??  Everytime when i entered my car, i would be extra careful when i open the car door.  As much as i don't like a scratch on my car, i'm sure it applies the same to the car owner beside my car.  Rude gila babas minah ni, dah laa aku ada dalam keta dia boleh belasah buka pintu keta dia, kalau i was not around, my car door could have bend inside!  Kalau minah tu category gemok gedempon (mind my language)..of course laa, i maafkan! But she's slim melim macam cicak kubing.  #^*!&#^@*!^@*)!( , some people they just live in their bloody world!  

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