Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Islam Is Simple

Last 2 weeks, i was stucked in the Smart Tunnel for more than an hour.  We were like caterpillars in the ground hole.  My stomach was howling at me to feed them up.  Thank god for Readest Digest who accompanied my eyes and brain whilst my ears were pumped with tonal pattern from the CD.

It was around 8.00pm almost nearing to the exit when i saw 3 men stopped their vehicle at an emergency lane. They didn't put on the hazard light instead they parked and walked towards the emergency exit door.  Now why on earth do you need to go thru the emergency door?  Those doors are really really for EMERGENCY! You know you use it, if there's flood / fire in the tunnel.  Its like a one way ticket for you to escape.  I was barely moving at 10km per hour so they won't get rammed by any moving cars.  Plus they're not wearing any worker's maintenance attire.  Then it hit me...are they going to place a bomb? Mampos aku!  I know you think its nonsense but i couldn't help it.  With what they are wearing, somehow at the back of my mind it came across that way.  "Serban yang siap pyramid tajam macam style pak pak Arab la". 

Now i can see how the western media slowly planted the 'suspicious' seed in people's mind about muslims.  Me, being a muslim can't help but to be trapped as well in the same negative perceptions projected all over the world.  They wore a Taliban's similar attire and most malay muslim Malaysia doesn't wear that.  So how can i not think that way?? Shit, if they really wannt to plant a bomb, should i call the police?  Ridiculous! Should i make an attempt to run now?  Nope couldn't make it.  I'll be shredded meat all over the tunnel.  So i was thinking..where on earth could this people be coming from. In a flick second, i discard my negative mental thoughts.  Come on this is Malaysia, Malaysian somehow i feel won't go to this extend.

Observing them carefully i can see the prayer mat on their shoulder.  Ya rabbi, nak solat rupanya, Magrib is almost finished.  Glimpsing at my surrounding cars, I can see all the drivers and passengers were looking at 'em.  Who would not? They might have the same initial thoughts as i did. I'm a muslim pun pikir macam tu apatah yang non muslim.  Then it struck me, why on earth do they need to stop and pray.  There's no decent place for 'em to pray, the emergency exit is definitely grime and soiled.  Surely urines all over the place.  Kalau ikutkan pakaian tu dah mengalahkan imam masjid negara patutnya knowledge pun seiring laa so i wonder if they are aware that they can pray on moving vehicle!  So you can't blame others if they don't embrace islam.  Your act doesn't show the beauty of Islam.

Islam is a simple, rational and practical religion.  We humans make it complicated

Islam is a religion without any mythology. Its teachings are simple and intelligible. It is free from superstitions and irrational beliefs. The Oneness of God, the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the concept of life-after-death, are the basic articles of its faith. 
These are based on reason and sound logic. All the teachings of Islam flow from those basic beliefs. They are simple and straightforward. There is no hierarchy of priests, no far-fetched abstractions, no complicated rites and rituals. Everybody may approach the Book of God directly, translating its dictates into practice. 

“To seek knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” 

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  1. So u think u r more knowledgable then em...??? After gettin yr "readers digest"??? Bro.. let me tell u somethin abt yr ignorant mindset missed out... as u can see people on da streets prayin on a mat out there.... u got to giv em a salute lah bro... respect as it tak berani buat abih lu nak cakap orang lain yg berani... lu banyak alasan lah bai... they got da guts to do dat on da streets afraid of their time runnin out...its all about piety lah bro and its not all entirely abt knowledge... Takwa lah bai bukan nak fatwa aje... lu ingat lu dah pandai sangat keape lepas dah pandai baca abc... malas nak cakap banyak kat orng macam lu... baru pakai tie pergi kerje aje... pandai abc je terus dah nak pandang org lain rendah....bro i think u got a brain fart... macam azazil...ana shor anta pergi cari iman lah bro jangan nak asyik cari ilmu aje... takut2 shiok sendiri nanti amalkan agama... suka tengok dan cakap pasal orng lain punya keburukan aje.. taknak pernah tengok keburukan diri sendiri... lu macam tin kosong bunyi bising... last punya utk lu... Islam itu memang mudah bagi org yg bertakwa... lu jangan ashik nak ambik mudah aja semua kerja... agak agaklah bro...


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