Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sometimes...I Become Too Greedy

Tamak Haloba....i belong to that category yesterday! I bought the photobook offer again!
No doubt is one darn good bargain.  RM145 for a 15"x11" size.  So why aren't i satisfied??
Just because i already bought myself RM99 voucher earlier in Dec10 and till todate i have started only 5% of the project.  Right before that, i hooked myself up with another album promo somewhere Oct10..which i paid a deposit.  Not even started on that.  Thank god it was not a hefty amount, if let go pun still ok.  

I dont know why when it comes to bargain/sales/promo...its like a big currant pulling me along..urghhh....feel like giving me a slap!!  Over and over i kept telling myself never to be dragged into this manipulation scheme feeling of mine again and yet i always let myself down!

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