Friday, October 1, 2010

Don’t Forget To Praise Your Child

Saturday 15th May 2010, I went to Datuk Dr Fadillah Kamdah seminar. He’s a motivator. Among the very thing I remembered most was that “Kata-kata ibu adalah suatu doa” which means what you express to your kids definitely has a significant impact towards their development. Repeatedly he reminded mothers to say nice things to your child. Compliment, praise them!

Then only I realized my parents were doing that constantly with my children. During their playtime, whenever Iman managed to build an item, my mom would say “Good Job Iman” just like Bob The Builder or after an hour of washing car, my dad will commend him “Well Done Iman”

Now I’m practicing this with the younger one, Nabila. Although she can only pronounce “Elephant” as “A-phant” during our reading time, often she will received “Splendid Girl” from me.

Here’s are some of the words that you might want to convey to your children. Do acknowledge these as gifts to your child and its FREE!!!! Trust me they appreciate it more than you imagine. Be creative, different words with different situation, it’ll make them understand and learn the words as well. Ultimately, you actually killing 2 birds at one go. Brilliantkan :-)

These are all in my list but im sure you can compile a much better one.

Oh lupa. If they fail just simply hug or pat their back and say “Don’t worry you will do better next time” or “You can always try again”

Start NOW!

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