Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tips Murah Decorate Hari Raya read it tips! Where i get it? Well from my brain laa mana lagi laa..dok google google for decoration all sudden macam dapat fresh ideas.  Thought of sharing it with y'all.  You and me know when it comes to Raya, beribu-ribu lemon zest habis.  Dengan baju raya, duit raya, transport nak balik kampung, kuih raya itu je dah cepat ribu.  Belum lagi kes tukar curtain tukar sofa, tukar rumah?? Anyway sometimes you do not need to change much in your house in order to get fantastic results because people don't come daily to your house in actual they can't even remember what color of sofa or curtain you have! So basically you just need to add lil' spice to your living and cheng cheng'll have something pwetty,...awesome...stunning..

1. MIRROR ON THE WALL - memang make lots of impact, dah laa living nampak bigger and more colors added sebab reflection from the other side nampak.

2. LINE UP DECOS - beli je kat Ikea satu set less than RM50, kalau tak dapat different color get same color and buy one sweet flower and add in each bottle. Make sure its the same color, sure nampak menawan

3. BIG PAINTING - bukan semua big painting expensive.  Some pix makes your living big, some make it small.  Use your creativity, painting brings character to each living. 

4. HANGING DECO - all this you can DIY.  Kalau tak cukup creative go and buy, SSF ada.  Lovely to put outside the house! Just make sure it doesn't turn to be like Christmas hehehe

5. THROW CUSHIONS @ PILLOWS - you know how to sew? Get some nice fabrics and make one.  For those tak sempat, do next year you can custom made your living making it more colorful.

6. TABLE LAMP - its makes the living looks classic! Invest in a nice share and it will last you for years!
7. WELCOME MAT - if you already have one, change new.  Nak masuk rumah pun dah nampak baru. First impression tu...tak payah yang ada tulis welcome pun takpe janji simple and nice.

8. PAINT THE FRONT DOOR - kalau paint different color, confirm orang perasan hehe.. if not repaint the door

9. BIG VASE - the items you put in vase doesn't have to be full just ensure its position at the right place to make an impact.

10. SERVING PLATE - adding one or two unique plates during Hari Raya will draw some attentions to your food, walau tak sedap orang akan terasa nak makan.  Tak caya? cuba dulu

11. STICKER WALL - I thin 2010, 2011 memang trend in Malaysia using sticker wall not only its way cheaper than wall paper, its also easy to stick and remove.

12. CLASSIC CHAIR - of course nak beli ni kena laa sesuai dengan your living concept, kalau modern style, you have to find those unique design.  Kalau English style, get those wing chair. One is enough.  Place it correctly and you can get the optimum result.


14. PICTURES ON THE WALL - with or without frame, you decide

15. FABRIC ON THE WALL - ni easy DIY, kalau malas pun can get from SSF/Ikea.

16. EXTRA ON COFFEE TABLE - you can add various things on your coffee table.  It doesn't have to be solely flowers. 

17. FRESH FLOWERS - this is my all time favourite. Kalau raya mesti letak fresh flowers.  Living smells good and inviting, looks fresh and its cheap! And paling best, deco yang sangat sesuai for last minute incase takde time nak beli proper deco!


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