Friday, October 18, 2013

Tok dah Tak Dak :-(

I wanted to blog again but just could'nt find the time.  I thought i would start off by continuing my Europe trip but little did i know i will be here writing this piece. A lot had happened in 2013. So much to write, so much to share. Today 18 October 2013, 13 Zulhijjah 1434 Friday, my dear grandma@ Tok passed away at 9:15amInna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (انا لله وانا اليه راجعون). 

All day long i could only hear her laughter and how she smile at me. Subhanallah, I miss her dearly. Nasha miss Tok sangat Tok, miss to hold, hug and kiss you.  I remembered the times when we sew my nightgown together, how i told her i wanted to learn cooking from her but she just laughs. How she would come to my house every afternoon just to see my baby, Iman. How she made few pants for Iman. I will keep and show him Tok. How she smiles when Iman & Bila come by to see her. How she takes care of her garden in kampung. How she sibuk suruh Mak Iti and Mak Yang buat makan when orang datang. Tok memang rajin jamu orang makan. Rajin keringkan nasi untuk pos ke kampung bagi ayam makan! Buatkan kain selimut dari kain perca, sedap selimut Tok. Miss acar Tok bila time sahur.

She went well today. Alhamdullilah, semua smooth. Puas dapat mandikan Tok. Clean as a baby. Seeing Mak Iti ambilkan wuduk Tok and kissing her feet, sayunya. Rezeki Allah bagi kat Mak Iti, jaga ibu hingga ke akhir hayat. Rezeki Tok di Majid Al Takwa Taman Tun Dr Ismail, orang masih bertakbir AidilAdha. Ramai jemaah. Semua anak, cucu and cicit ada keliling Tok. As they started closing her face, i felt so sad coz i realized that her Dad@Bapak tertutup satu rezeki untuk dapat pahala yang paling senang without doing anything..simply by looking at his mother. Ya Allah, semoga kita semua sentiasa bersyukur kita masih ada ibu bapa. Betapa sayang Allah pada kita, free pahala just by looking at our parents. Will i be as lucky as you, Bapak....

Lepas dikubur, Bapak started sharing some stories which i never heard really reach deep inside me, they were poor those days.  Nak pergi sekolah, minyak rambut Brylcream habis so Tok pour hot water just to get what's left for Bapak. Next day, she put coconut oil on his head. hehehehe...Then he continue how his Dad would cycle to his school just to give him 10sen. That was 55 years back and he can still recalled. Lesson learnt, treat our children dengan penuh ikhlas, love them and do the best for them, insyaallah, they'll never forget u in their doa.

My dad went back to Mak Iti's place tadi, he left the house and came back just to say "Mak, Joe balik dulu" only to realize that Tok is no longer around. Ya Allah, Sadnya. I know he would miss his routine, chatting with Tok, sending her breakfast, massaging her. You always make Tok laugh, Bapak. She's always asking for you when i drop by to see her even when you just went to see her in the morning. 

You're so lucky Tok, to get a nice resting place. Atas bukit, so peaceful. You have shown a good example to us..berkat amalan Tok, janji Allah tu benar and pasti. Insyaallah i will try and follow you. Semoga Tok ditempatkan di Jannatul Firdaus. Nasha rindu sangat sangat dekat Tok..:-((

19oct 2013 Saturday, 1;47am

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Europe Trip: Italy/Switzerland/France - Part4

What i love about Venice? the cafes and shops surrounding the place.  Cozy place to walk about. I discovered that Italian loves ice-cream, almost all corner of the streets have one...can't help myself but to indulge in their gelato. Almost everyday i would take at least 2 times of ice-cream since i set foot in Italy.  Superb! 

courtesy by Mr Google

Some snapshots during boat trip to Venice

boat station

First stop was Doges Palace also known as Palazzo Ducale built in 1340.  The Palazzo Ducale is a superb example of Venetian Gothic architecture. Macam tempat bersidang pak-pak menteri. Tapi sekali tengok more like a castle.

View of Doges Palace from outside

View of Doges Palace / Palazzo Ducale from inside

If you're on budget, stay clear of having coffee at St Mark's Square. Jalan kaki jauh sikit to get food and drinks around the little backstreet shops. And the food are far more delicious.  Geng kami terjebak minum espresso at RM150 for 3 people just because cafe tu ada live music. Extra 25EURO for live band hehehe..kenyang ngan music ler..

 St Mark's Square

Sambung again later ..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Europe Trip: Italy/Switzerland/France - Part3

Discover Itay - Venice / Mestre, Italy

Pergh...berjanggut nak tulis..kalau tangan ni jenis yang keluaq bulu alamat berjuntai-juntai bulu keluaq..ok lets continue

We arrived late in Mestre.  Mestre and Venice is like ...emmmm senang cerita macam Penang and Butterworth/Seberang Prai.  Camtu laa kalau nak gambarkan. Staying is Mestre is way much cheaper than staying in Venice.  Overhere you can get a better hotel at a better rate. Plus there are highways and trains connecting to Venice.

Malam tu jugak jalan ke supermarket dia, Auchan.  Cuma nak cari mineral water...alih2 terjebak beli pasta laa..beli cherry, strawberry, peach... The thing which struck me the most was how honest Italian can be. You pick you fruits and weigh them according to the code stated on the fruit all yourself and stick the price onto the packaging, again all by yourself.  Since they're almost close, the counter girl asked us to pay all by ourselves! Ha?? Scan the fruit and put the money in the machine, it will return the balance! Mak aii..kalau kat KL, if main timbang and letak harga sendiri jawabnya..ambik buah mahal, letak code buah murah je laa.. silap2 ada yang tak bayar kat counter keluar sebab semuanya buat sendiri.  Dasyatnya..semuanya based on sikap honest saja.  Canggih babe! 

EURO 1.00++ , damn cheap! Malaysia mana nak ada jual jus RM1.00++...gerai pun RM2.50

We stayed in B4 Mestre. The hotel is great, lovely layout. But I was surprised as the breakfast spread was like...emm..kiranya kalau makan breakfast kat hotel 3 star malaysia, lagi banyak laa choices.

Mestre, Venice, Padova @ Padua, Verona
Next day, we're off to Venice.  Baru set foot kat port dia..terbeliak biji mata you...italian men..fuhh..gorgeous ha!! Kalau tengok Italian team main bola..camtu laa gak orang2 dia kat sana.. stylo milo. Perempuan pun sama tapi since kita perempuan, takyah sibuk tengok species sendiri la kan hehehe. Asyik buat dosa mata je laa..apa nak buat.

Memang sangat recommend pi Venice. Nice view sepanjang journey. Venice is actually made out of 118 small island and connected thru canals and bridges.  Opss before lupa, if you want to get souveniors, do it before you board the boat, thats the cheapest place you can buy and bargain.  You can see various jumbo cruises overhere.  Besaq besaq kapal cam Titanic!

Jap nak kena stop, Nabila nak main puzzle pulak..sambung later

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No War, They Just Want Peace - Free Gaza

Lagi Lagi Alasan

Prof Muhaya always makes me THINK!

Untuk setiap alasan yang kita buat kita telah membuang satu peluang perubahan.
Jom audit apa dan berapa banyak alasan kita hari ini

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Malu Nak Ngaku Islam / Malaysian

Bila kawan pos this pix to me, terus i asked myself, what have i done or what am i doing for the people of Palestine? Jika ditanya Allah apa yang aku contribute untuk Palestin. Pasti ternganga aku..setakat sharing gambar2 di email/FB/Blog, derma kecil-kecilan, doa sikit2 itu saja. Padahal kalau aku baca pasal Sweden memboikot barang others actually make an effort. Negara bukan Islam, majoriti bukan islam did something. Sedangkan aku sejak azali dah Islam. Teruknya aku.  Pledge to myself to do my best to boycott 4 products that are confirmed contributing to the Zionist.

Stop the Israel/Gaza violence!

Bertapa beruntungnya kita di Malaysia, aman damai. Kalau masih tak bersyukur entah la :-(

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