Thursday, January 6, 2011

Iman First Day at Kindergarten

Yikes my son finally goes to kindergarten! All of sudden i felt a mature feeling blasted in my inner self! No wonder my grey hairs are popping out like mad! Since early of 2010, i've been scouting the right kindie for Iman.  As a mom i wanted the best for him, i'm sure all mothers have the same feeling.  Bunch of kindies scattered around my areas namely Qdees, Krista, Montessori, Eduwis, Little Caliph, Atfal Kids, ISKL, Unikids. I was in dilemma to find the right one for him.  I wanted a place where he's comfortable.  Spacious and clean for my son.  Proper education system and not solely depends on TV or PC.  I wanted my son to have interaction.  I wanted him to have friends from various races and background. Iman needs to socialize and build his confidence before he enters the primary school.

I like Qdees in Bukit Antarabangsa, the place looks good, colorful but i was told Qdees teaching method uses quite a lot of PC based which i don't prefer.  Iman can have his hands on pc anytime in the house.  So first choice out.  Whilst Krista, my friend said okay but the teachers are always changing. Eduwis was rather small so the place look cramped.  Little Caliph, not bad but i was thinking definitely its going to be 100% Malay so that doesn't meet my requirement.  Don't get me wrong its not that i don't want my son to be around his own race i just felt it was really important for him to broaden his views about different kind of people. Later in school, he'll be socializing more with his own kind.

I love Montessori teaching so when i check out UniKidcity at Sering Ukay, the fees was like RM650 for half day school.  Macam nak bayar harga Myvi mak aku.  A bit pricy for me but takpe laa yang nak bayar is my hubby.  Went back and talk to my darling hubby.  Green light given.  Great! Macam dah confirmed!  Then i had a conversation with my friend who send her kids to Tadika Kemas je and she said "as long as my children can read, count and mingle, its good enough for me".  Now that makes my eyes blinked!  Betul jugak and her fees was like RM30!!!  Later I had a conversation with my dear mom who is actually an ex teacher.  She said "if you don't plan to send your kids to International school then a good and reasonable kindie would do just fine because once they entered school, English speaking cair macam sungai pun boleh jadi macam lumpur!" heheheh.  So points taken Mak. 

Finally i found this place TIC Junior @ Tadika Mekar Ilmu which is really spacious, 2 semi-detached house combined. Classes were properly ventilated, air-conditioned and cozy.  Mostly are elderly teachers ranging 40's above which makes me more confident and comfortable to send my son.  Plus the teachers are friendly!  In December 2010, TIC Junior offered summer camp@school holiday programme for a duration of 5 days for a period of 3hours.  So i sent Iman to the program hoping he can mingle around and would not cry on his first day of school.  The output was excellent.  During that 5 days, i can see they did a lot of science project and i could see how creative the teachers are.  Itu yang buat i picked this place! 

Registration was given clear and precise.  Dah siap ada schedule for daily classes, yearly schedule, everyday's menu for one whole month, car sticker and many more.  Teaching series they're using Peter and Jane from Ladybird series for English, Bacalah Anakku for BM.  Makanan pun confirm halal.  Ada swimming classes, gym classes, science classes, tae kwando class, computer studies and etc.  There'll be about 15-16 students per class.  And the price was reasonable.  What more could i ask???  

So Iman, mummy dah picked hopefully the most suitable one for you.  The rest of the journey lies on your shoulder.  Do well sayang.

Iman: Mummy, my class name is TIC Dolphin

Nak jugak bag transformer yang besar bagak ni! 

Iman really excited for his first day

TIC Junior, besarkan, its like a big bungalow. 


  1. Hi I was searching a kindie which suit the best for my 2 year old. From your blog there were some important points that give me a clearer picture. Thanks a lot,

  2. Can i know how much do u paid for registration and monthly they have full day program...hehehhe...

  3. I checked out Unikidsity in Sering Ukay, got a friend who sent her kid last year. I was told that the school is racial-biased. I will never send my kids to this kid of place. Better safe than sorry.

    1. Good call for not sendinf your child there. Place is run by scammers and they do as they wish with no regard or respect for others. Wonder what kind of values they instill in children when the owners lack values themselves. Avoid this place at all cost.


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