Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yes you read the title correctly. You may call them booger, snot, tahi hidung, ‘paysi’ whatever but kami orang kedah panggil TAIK HIDUNG, bunyi dia sesedap rasa.

Last Wednesday, the traffic stalled. Heavy downpour. Cars lining up beside, infront and the back of my car. Facing to my left, the Altis owner tengah syok korek hidung dia. Korek, gentel, korek gentel. Eewwww gross!!! Right side, the Wira owner baikkkkkkkkkk punya korek. Macam naik stim pun ada. Siap the head terlentok di headrest. Yuck! Left, infront of Altis, Kenari driver is taking the same action. Cuma, his action was short and simple but it is still disgusting. Looking up at the mirror, the car behind of me were also doing the same thing!!!!! This particular guy just dig and dig. And endless digging activity for him.

Hello MALE SPECIES out there, cant you proceed the activity elsewhere. Somewhere private. A bathroom is a good example. When you bathe, you can dig as long as you like! Nak stim ke, terlentok ke, nak calit ke, nak roll the snot back and forth by all means please go ahead. Its your world. Don’t show your obscenity to others. Respect laa orang keliling, ni dah kira jenayah mata tau!

Let me tell you a tale. An original tale indeed.

Location : 195 39th Floor Empire Tower,South Sathon Rd., Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok
Time : Afternoon
Year : 2002

We were having a meeting. Managers, GMs were there. The meeting room was packed. I was in the concentration mode. The mode was abruptly shaken by my colleague Hong Hong. “Quick, tengok Chinarong” and she giggled away. Focusing on her command, I take a quick look at him and ask Hong Hong “Why, wassup”, Hong Hong repeatedly mentioned “Just look at him”. My other colleague Prema was also trying to press down her laughter.

I take one good long look again at Chinarong. There and then, the opera curtain unveils the theatre. Chinarong, minding his own business, was rapidly digging his nose right infront of everyone. What makes the this theatre interesting is that, after he dig, he rolled the snot back and forth and thereafter flip the “taik hidung” onto the air. Maka terguling laaa molecule-molecule taik hidung di atas meeting table. The screen shot continues. Dah laa his nails were long. Just imagine, taik hidung will get stuck there! He’s really in his sweet small world. What a hillarous afternoon for all of us and it was also a big reminder to all of us  Never ever shake his hand!!!!

Till this day I wonder whether the other managers were so observed with the minutes or they were too amused to even utter a word of appreciation for the show given. Hehhehehe…

Moral of The Story: If you want to use the term "Mind Your Own Business" but the
business deal does not involved 2 parties, its best to do it at home!! :-)

Good Nite people. Its 2.30am now.

Description of Chinarong: Mr Lopart in Handy Mandy cartoon character

of coz the above Mr Lopart is much more handsome hehehehe...

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