Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Europe Trip: Italy/Switzerland/France - Part4

What i love about Venice? the cafes and shops surrounding the place.  Cozy place to walk about. I discovered that Italian loves ice-cream, almost all corner of the streets have one...can't help myself but to indulge in their gelato. Almost everyday i would take at least 2 times of ice-cream since i set foot in Italy.  Superb! 

courtesy by Mr Google

Some snapshots during boat trip to Venice

boat station

First stop was Doges Palace also known as Palazzo Ducale built in 1340.  The Palazzo Ducale is a superb example of Venetian Gothic architecture. Macam tempat bersidang pak-pak menteri. Tapi sekali tengok more like a castle.

View of Doges Palace from outside

View of Doges Palace / Palazzo Ducale from inside

If you're on budget, stay clear of having coffee at St Mark's Square. Jalan kaki jauh sikit to get food and drinks around the little backstreet shops. And the food are far more delicious.  Geng kami terjebak minum espresso at RM150 for 3 people just because cafe tu ada live music. Extra 25EURO for live band hehehe..kenyang ngan music ler..

 St Mark's Square

Sambung again later ..

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